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The comapny offers a wide range of specialities. From tapas and snacks, to oven dishes and ready-made meals. On specific customer demand, we can also offer tailor-made recipes.
The company is the specialist in premium ovenable appetisers thanks to 25 years of experience and creative development. Their range includes both classic puff pastry appetisers and more trendy Mini Hamburgers, -Pizzas, -Croques , -Fish shells, Crab shells.
The great classics among croquettes are the cheese and shrimp croquettes. The comapny has been striving for perfection here for years. Besides these classics, They have a wide range of seasonal recipes.
From classic to contemporary, from lasagne bolognaise to salmon lasagne, tartiflette to gratin dauphinois...

•supervision of machinery operation
•distribution of work to production workers
•planning daily production according to orders
•computer data completion
•checking shipping labels
•problem solving on the line

Nasze oczekiwania

•experience in managing people
•experience of working in production as a machine operator
•good knowledge of English
•commitment and motivation to work
•technical sense

Wymagane wykształcenia


- technical or acquired through experience


Bruto: 17-19 €
Assistant of the team leader: a negotiable rate depending on profile and experience: between €17 and €19
- Various bonuses such as a thirteenth month bonus, vacation pay, home-work travel reimbursement, child support, health and accident insurance
- Opportunities for stable, long-term employment
- Affordable accommodation options available at 85€ per week
- You'll start with a temporary employment contract and after one year there is the opportunity to receive a fixed contract.


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