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Quality Inspector (F/X/M)

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For our client, we are looking for a quality inspector to join the team at OEVEL.
The company manufactures hydrogen plants. Mainly for industrial purposes. The plants are developed, designed and manufactured entirely on the company's premises.
Our culture believes in POWERING YOUR POTENTIAL. We provide global opportunities to develop your career, make your community a better place and work with today’s most innovative thinkers to solve the world’s toughest problems.

Your tasks:
• Verify the final quality of products on the production line.
• Compare the physical characteristics of components, materials, equipment, and products to technical specifications to identify defects.
• Utilize basic and/or complex measurement techniques and equipment to separate products that do not meet desired technical specifications.
• Document non-conforming products using specified systems for proper record-keeping.
• Provide training to others in the use of measurement equipment, segregation of non-conforming products, and documentation procedures.
• Adhere to the norms and standards of quality defined by the Company to ensure consistency and compliance throughout the production process.

Nasze oczekiwania

• Good knowledge of English or Dutch
• Experience in mechanics, welding or assembly.
• Clear Communication: You excel in crafting and delivering tailored communications to effectively convey quality objectives across various stakeholders, ensuring comprehension and alignment.
• Proactive Approach: Your proactive stance in identifying and addressing quality issues showcases your sense of urgency, vigor, and enthusiasm to drive improvement endeavors.
• Customer-Centricity: Your dedication to cultivating and nurturing robust customer relationships reflects your commitment to delivering quality solutions that not only meet but exceed customer expectations.
• Efficient Resource Utilization: Your adept management of resources bolsters quality assurance efforts, optimizing processes for maximum efficiency and efficacy.
• Collaborative Spirit: You thrive in collaborative environments, fostering strong partnerships with diverse teams to collectively pursue and achieve quality objectives.
• Effective Conflict Resolution: Your proficiency in navigating and resolving conflicts with poise and effectiveness fosters constructive dialogue and swift resolution to minimize disruptions.
• Decisive Decision Making: Your judicious approach to decision-making involves swiftly making well-informed choices that propel organizational progress, grounded in data-driven insights.
• Expertise in Measurement Science: Your advanced proficiency in dissecting measurement processes, adeptly identifying and quantifying sources of uncertainty, and applying specialized measurement science disciplines ensures precision and accuracy.
• Efficient Laboratory Management: Your adept leadership in overseeing technical resources and operational facets of laboratories ensures stringent adherence to certifications and accreditations while maintaining optimal performance standards.
• Meticulous Quality Process Oversight: Your meticulous approach to quality management, employing sophisticated methodologies such as Statistical Process Control (SPC), Capability Studies, and rigorous audits, upholds superior product, process, and service quality while continuously driving enhancements and compliance with standards.

Wymagane wykształcenia

High school diploma or certificate of completion of secondary education or equivalent experience to
the extent such experience meets applicable regulations.


What we offer :
• €20-24/h + €8 mealvouchers + 12 paid ADV days
• Work in dayshift
• 32 vacation days.
• Variable compensation based on organizational goals.
• Opportunity to grow over time.
• Accommodation close to the workplace and means of transportation.
• Permanent care of coordinators.
• You'll start with a temporary employment contract and after one year there is the opportunity to receive a fixed contract.


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